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The Hawaii Autism Project and are the results of a Practice Inquiry Project (PIP) for the Degree of DNP through the University of Hawaii at Hilo's School of Nursing.

This PIP is a tertiary prevention project based on HealthyPeople 2020  goals of: 1) increasing life expectancy and quality of life and 2) eliminating health disparities among segments of the population. One focus area goal of Healthy People is to promote the health of people with disabilities, prevent secondary conditions, and eliminate disparities between people with and without disabilities. This project addresses the disparities in autism diagnosis and treatment services in rural East Hawaii through collaborative input from diverse stakeholders by the creation of a website designed to house ASD information specifically for East Hawaii, Hawaii Island.

It is hoped that identification of community specific needs and resources through one easily accessed site ( can improve provider and caregiver knowledge,  may decrease fragmentation of services, and improve use of available resources.

The Hawaii Autism Project:  About Us

UH Hilo's School of Nursing 
The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a terminal degree in nursing focusing on nursing leadership and application of research and practice.

The philosophy of the UH Hilo's  School of Nursing is to educate professional nurses to lead change and translate science into practice in a dynamic global health care environment. Our school promotes transcultural nursing with a focus on rural populations and communities where each person has the right to participate in making decisions that affect his/her health. We emphasize the need to deepen our commitment  to social justice, improve the quality of healthcare, and access to the underserved. Our vision is a world where our graduates will strive to promote health, alleviate suffering, provide service to the community, and become leaders at local to global levels.